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Nokia Lumia 920 doing better than expected

by on23 November 2012


Selling better than expected

It appears
that the troubled Finnish handset maker has seen some light at the end of the tunnel as Lumia 920 sales are doing better than expected. Truth be told, the sales may also indicate that initial volumes of Nokia's Lumia were too small to meet demand, but the device still did enough to surprise a financial analyst or two.

In a note to clients, Danske Bank's analyst Ilkka Rauvola has said that “Nokia’s Windows Phone model 920 is doing better than expected, and the outlook may continue to improve”. Nokia allegedly sold out the Lumia 920 in Germany, which is either grand news or just indication of the company's inability to predict and cope with demand.

Apparently, Ilkka also raised the earlier estimate of 23 million to 36 million Windows Phone 8 devices to be sold in 2013. While this is good news for Redmond, Nokia has yet to find out its true fortunes, since the company's foray into WP8 will pretty much make or break the company.

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Last modified on 23 November 2012
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