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Apple Play-Doh scammers

by on29 July 2015

Fan boys would not notice

Three teens were arrested in Detroit area after trying to flog the owner of a MetroPCS store iPhones that were bricked. 

They were made of Play-Doh bricks and the kids cunning plan might have worked after all people never buy the iPhone, they are only interested in the label.

The Auburn Hills Police Department said the boxes were nicely wrapped and sealed with only the iPhone made of Play-Doh.

Unfortunately the Play-Doh version didn't switch on, which the kids explained as a new Apple feature, but what gave them away was there was no logo on the back.

The shop owner asked them if they had any more they could sell and while they were getting them he called the cops.

The teens allegedly returned to the store with more iDohs, only to run away before the deal was done. Police didn't have had much trouble finding them. Two were charged with larceny by false pretenses and the other with attempted larceny.

Still Play-Doh iPhones are a good idea.  After all it does not matter if you bend them, they can be put in any shape.  The other advantage is that they are more secure than the iPhone and there is no worry about having your Coldplay collection stolen by hackers.

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