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iOS 9 screen freezes continue

by on12 October 2015

Older phones suffer despite updates

It would appear that iOS9 was all about forcing users of old iPhone5s to upgrade to something more pointless and expensive.

For while we have been reporting about bugs in iOS9 and what is alarming is that the some of the more important problems, such as the screen freezing on the iPhone 5S is not being repaired by the various upgrades.

Of course Apple and its Tame Apple Press are doing their best to claim that the problems only effect a small number of users. The screen freezing one is even being denied.

Which is why it ever more amusing for us with proper phones to have to watch Apple owners prove it on YoutTube

Even then this particular Tame Apple Press magazine does its best to play the problem down, it insists that the freezing issue was inconsistent and this OS upgrade was not as bad as the last one (great advert guys). However: 

"We were particularly interested when we saw the video as we have been having exactly the same difficulty with our iPad mini, though not the other iPads or iPhones in our possession," Phones Review admitted.

It also had to admit that it is happening for other people with various iOS devices including the iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iPad mini 2, and iPad 4. The iPhone 5S in the video was shown to be running iOS 9, although some comments say the same problem is still happening with their devices on iOS 9.0.2.

After two upgrades, Apple should have fixed most of the problems with its OS by now so what is going on? A cynic would say that Apple has no intention of encouraging people to stay with their old phones, even when the current batch of phones offers nothing new. However it this was the case then why would the alternative to an iPhone with a broken OS being another iPhone?

The solution to dealing with a broken OS on an older iPhone is make sure you never are stupid enough to buy a phone with a shonky operating system and short upgrade cycle again.

Last modified on 12 October 2015
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