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Meizu Pro 6 exclusively gets the Helio X25

by on17 March 2016

Meizu MX6 would make more sense

Fudzilla has reported multiple times that Meizu will get a shiny new Helio chip and this has been confirmed by Meizu boss Bai Yongxiang at the MediaTek Helio X20 / X25 launch event.

Our information came from the highest possible source within the company and it seems that Meizu will get exclusivity on the Helio X25 for at least a few months.

What changed is that the 2.5 GHz CPU and GPU maximum speed of 850Mhz will be available for Meizu Pro 6. This is the clock speed of Helio X25 SoC. The Helio X20 will end up working up to 2.3Ghz using two Cortex-A72 cores, 2 GHz for four Cortex-A53 medium clusters and 1.4GHz for the best power efficiency cluster.

Mediatek HelioX20 1

The announcement that Meizu will have the fastest Helio X25 is not surprising as a similar scenario happened last year. The Meizu MX5 was given the MTK 6795T Helio X10 which was clocked at 2.2GHz while the standard MTK 6795T Helio X10 worked at only 2.0 GHz.

After a few months exclusivity, MediaTek will offer Helio X25 to other customers but considering that Meizu sold close to 20 million phones in 2015, this will be a lucrative deal for MediaTek. Meizu is a rising star as the company grew by 350 per cent since 2014 when it sold just 4.4 million phones. The Meizu MX5 is good phone with a fast processor, great camera performance and super thin metal body and one can imagine that the Meizu Pro 6 might end up being even better.


Traditionally Meizu Pro 6 should have an Exynos 8890 processor and the MX6 gets the Helio X25 but we will trust our Chinese colleagues. We wonder if the Meizu MX6 will have the Helio X20 or the Meizu 6 Pro (larger screen) and the Meizu MX6 (5.5 inch screen) will both get the Helio X25.


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