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Punters upgrade every three years now

by on23 August 2019

Funny what the effect of jacking the price up is

People are hanging on to their phones for three years rather than two according to a new survey data released by Ting Mobile

Andrew Moore-Crispin, Director of Content at Ting Mobile said that after so many years of people being pressured into upgrading to a new phone when their old phone was perfectly functional. 

“The data from our survey indicates that people are more conscious about things like price and basic phone functionality. They don't care so much about having the latest, coolest tech -- something that might not be great news for the big manufacturers this year."

People are holding on to their phones for a little longer than they used to: 47 percent of people said that they kept their mobile phone for three to five years before upgrading, while eight percent of people said they kept their phone for more than five years. 55 percent of people say that they expect to keep their current phone for three to five years before upgrading again.

New tech is not enough to get punters to shell out for a new phone: only 10 per cent said they upgraded because there was a new phone model that they wanted, while a mere five per cent said that they were offered an upgrade through their carrier and went for it.

The majority (32 percent) of people said that their primary reason for upgrading was because their previous phone wasn't running so well anymore.

Android users appear to be more loyal: 94 percent of Android users surveyed said that their last phone was an Android. Of the iPhone users surveyed, 78 per cent kept with Apple through their latest upgrade.

Oddly iPhones are slightly more popular among women, with 42 per cent of women surveyed saying that they use an iPhone. Meanwhile, the majority (69 per cent ) of men surveyed indicated that they are Android users.

The top three factors that respondents said went into their decision to choose their new phone were Price (35 percent ), Operating System (30 percent ) and Specs (14 percent ).

Most people don't seem to care so much about the bells and whistles: just five percent said they cared about the phone screen, four percent cared about the battery, a percent cared about what kind of headphone jack the phone had, and two percent cared about the 'cool factor' of the device.

More than 17 percent of 18-24 year-olds said that the phone's camera was important, ranking it just behind the operating system and other specs.


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