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Kids can easily bypass Apple Screen Time

by on16 October 2019

Don’t outsource parenting to Jobs’ Mob

Apple fanboys who believe that they can outsource parenting to their favourite company beware – your child can bypass Apple Screen Time.

For those who came in late, Apple Screen Time is Apple’s protection tool which is supposed to keep kids locked out of apps, games, and block websites. Apple introduced a Screen Time feature on iOS 12 and iOS 13 operating systems.

It was designed with all Apple’s software skill and mindfulness about security so Apple parents felt that the huge amounts of money they spend on their Apple gear was protecting their precious snowflake from seeing donkey porn on the World Wide Wibble.  No longer would they have to worry, Apple was taking care of parenting for them.

Unfortunately, we are talking about Apple software here and the people who have difficulty writing software which can tell the time have come up with a winner.

After reading about the wonders of Screen Time child protection in the Tame Apple Press, we did a search to find out what the top ten hacks kids were using to bypass and unlock their iPhones and iPads using loopholes in Apple’s software and other tricks.

  1. Resetting time limit on games and apps by simply re-downloading them from Family shared accounts.
  2. Getting password from a video recording from another phone secretly recording you.
  3. Bypassing lock on YouTube app using iMessage widget for Youtube.
  4. Stealing Screen Time password by recording a video from screen Tricking iPad’s Screen Time by system date and time.
  5. Bypassing a lock for Safari by running it from Settings via warning icon.
  6. Launching Safari from inside of 3rd party apps with built-in browsers.
  7. Tricking iPad’s Screen Time by system date and time.
  8. Resetting Screen Time settings using hard reset.
  9. Adding a new fingerprint under an adult's name.
  10. Getting password by looking for reflection of the password in parent’s eyeglasses.
  11. Faking device to look like it is turned off to prevent its unlocked state.

The work arounds are freely available with some detailed descriptions. In fact, there were actually more sites dedicated to teaching your toddler how to bypass the security than telling you how wonderful it is. All a kid has to do is search on Google.  Even something which sprang from the poor genetic pool which thinks buying expensive Apple gear is a good investment can do it.


Last modified on 16 October 2019
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