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Cydia allowed to sue Apple for shutting it down

by on30 May 2022


After a decade of jailbreaking iPhones, Cydia shut down claiming it could not make any money. Now, it appears to have come back from the dead to file an antitrust case against Apple.

On Thursday, Judge Yvonne Gonzalez Rogers, the same judge that oversaw the case between Apple and Epic Games, ruled Cydia's creator, Jay "Saurik" Freeman, could present his claim against the company after rejecting a bid by Apple to dismiss the complaint.

Freeman first sued Apple at the end of 2020, alleging the company had an "illegal monopoly over iOS app distribution."

Judge Gonzalez Rogers dismissed Cydia's initial complaint against Apple, ruling the suit fell outside the statute of limitations. But she granted Freeman leave to amend his case, which is what he did.

In its latest complaint, Cydia argues that iOS updates Apple released between 2018 and 2021 constituted "overt" acts that harmed distributors like itself. That's a claim Judge Gonzalez Rogers found credible enough to explore.


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