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Apple finally brings back the battery gauge

by on09 August 2022

After keeping users in the dark for so long

Fruity cargo cult Apple has finally caved into pressure and bought back the battery percentage gauge on the iOS 16.

Apple removed the gauge in 2017 telling fanboys that they needed to get rid of it because they were putting a pretty notch in the space it occupied. It had nothing to do with the outfit getting sued over how fast its batteries were discharging, or any other battery-related issues, no sir, it was all about the pretty notch.

So Apple was one of the few companies that issued a phone were users had to guess how much battery they had left, it being one of the few icons most users actually use and need.

To be fair you could swipe to the Control Center or use the battery widget to see exact numbers but that was not exactly handy and not a problem for the designers of Android phones which also had the notch.

Apparently Apple has not quite caved into user demands as that would show weakness and being user friendly. While iPhone 12 and iPhone 13 models, along with the iPhone X and XS, will be able to see exact percentages in the status bar, the iPhone 13 mini, iPhone 12 mini, iPhone 11, and iPhone XR won't be getting the feature.

Again, Apple is claiming that this is due to the space required to see it.


Last modified on 09 August 2022
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