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Apple demanded that Telegram remove emojis

by on15 August 2022

They make us look bad

The world has been wondering why Telegrams latest version is not appearing on Apple's store and apparently it is because the App contained better emojis.

In a move which in no way was intended as an anti-trust manouver to cripple a superior rival product using the monopolistic power of its App store to control the market, Apple decided that Telegram could not have its product in the app store unless it removed the Telemoji pack.

Telegram's CEO Pavel Durov posted last week that he could not understand why the update on the App store had been delayed for two weeks with notification.

The update was finally released yesterday, and Durov said that Apple told Telegram that it would have to remove a new feature called Telemoji, which Durov described as "higher quality vector-animated versions of the standard emoji."

They were similar to the basic emoji set Apple uses, but with some pretty delightful animations that certainly could help make messaging a little more expressive.

Durov claimed he was surprised because the new Telemoji would have brought an entire new dimension to its static low-resolution emoji and would have significantly enriched their ecosystem. Yeah right you are that naive Mr Durov that you believed that Apple actually wanted another company to show up how backward its own product was and how much it can't be bothered modifying the status quo.

What is odd is that the approved Telegram update does contain lots of other emoji-related features which make Apple's own offering look like the low-res steam-driven apps that they are.  We guess the Apple evaluation team did not see them.  The new update without the Telemoji is available now, Apple users might like to download them now before Apple's senior management notice. .


Last modified on 15 August 2022
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