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ARM will continue to supply Huawei

by on28 October 2019

They are British tech and not subject to sanctions

ARM will continue to license its chip technology to Huawei after working out that since they are designed in the UK, they are British tech and free from US sanctions.

An ARM spokesperson told Reuters:" ARM can provide support to HiSilicon for the ARM v8-A architecture, as well as the next generation of that architecture, following a comprehensive review of both architectures, which have been determined to be of UK origin... ARM has communicated this to the appropriate US government offices, and we continue to comply with the US Commerce Department guidelines, respective to Huawei and its affiliate HiSilicon."

The company stopped working with Huawei in May over concerns that its chip designs could contain "US-origin technology" because it has offices in California, Washington, Arizona, Texas, and Massachusetts.

At the time, ARM sent a note to its employees explaining the situation and instructing them not to work with Huawei. The letter said that it is "complying with all of the latest regulations set forth by the US government".

Huawei's Kirin chips rely on ARM's chip architecture to function, and it admitted earlier this year that losing access to ARM's designs would be "an insurmountable obstacle".

It is unclear whether the US ban will affect ARM's chip architecture designs beyond its next generation of the ARM v8-A. However, Huawei's rotating chairman, Guo Ping, told Fudzilla last month it had a "perpetual" licence


Last modified on 28 October 2019
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