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Tim Cook orders law makers to leave his lucrative app store alone
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If you make us face the music, user-privacy will suffer

Fruit and nutty cargo-cult supremo Tim Cook told politicians to stop bringing anti-trust charges against his app-store.

Apple app store suffered second day of outage
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Still refuses to say why

Fruit and nutty cargo cult Apple's Music, mobile App Store and Podcasts are going again after facing outages for two days.

Microsoft attempts to sooth regulators with App store changes
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You know we are not as evil as Apple these days?

While Apple is facing huge fines over its App store policy, the software king of the world Microsoft has launched a new set of principles which make it appear kind.

Dutch continue to fine Apple millions over App store
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Apple does not seem too concerned and is ignoring it

The Dutch antitrust watchdog fined Apple another 5 million euros for a third time for failing to allow software application makers in the Netherlands to use non-Apple payment methods for dating apps listed in the company's App Store.

Developers are furious as Apple cuts app store commission by “a whopping” three per cent
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Tame Apple press goes on the attack

The Tame Apple Press is furious after greedy developers dared to question Apple’s generosity in lopping off three per cent from the 30 per cent it takes from them for the privilege of being in its App store.

Apple goes to court to avoid changes to its App Store
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Normally the law wins, but that is America

Fruity cargo cult is Apple asking a higher court to halt a judge’s decision that will force changes to its App Store while a legal fight with Epic Games continues.

Microsoft opens app store
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Wednesday, 29 September 2021 12:01

Microsoft opens app store

While Google and Apple try to lock them down

While Apple and Google are fighting regulators to keep their app store monopolies, Software King of the World Microsoft is doing the opposite.

Apple’s App Store changes will not do anything
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Naysayers say nay

Although Apple is making some changes to its App Store policies and setting up a $100 million fund for small developers, critics say that the terms of a class-action settlement don't meaningfully loosen the company's grip on its digital marketplace.

Apple's “super secure” app store is packed full of scams
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Washington Post says fanboys are being fleeced 

The Washington Post has flown against the rest of the Tame Apple Press by printing a heresy that the App store is packed full of scams.

Apple realised its App store cut was excessive nine years ago
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App store boss suggested a price cut but wanted to see how long they could milk it for

Phil Schiller, the Apple executive in charge of the App Store, raised the possibility of the company cutting its 30 percent commission rate to 25 or even 20 percent back in 2011 in response to competition.