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Germany’s cartel office has another crack at Facebook
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We have the power to make it obey orders 

Germany’s cartel office is to appeal a regional court decision to suspend restrictions it had placed on Facebook’s data collection practices to the country’s highest court.

German state makes Microsoft Office 365 illegal for kids
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Being exposed to US spies makes you go blind

Schools in the central German state of Hesse have been told it's now illegal to use Microsoft Office 365 because the United States could steal the data.

German 5G bids hit six billion euro
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Friday, 24 May 2019 12:09

German 5G bids hit six billion euro


Auction into its 10th week

Germany’s 5G auction has drawn six billion euro ($6.7 billion) in bids so far as the sale enters its 10th week.

Vodafone wants German government to invest in pipes
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Needs to invest in the last mile

Vodafone wants the German government to install empty pipes in the ground to allow "last mile” network work to be quick and cheap for suppliers.

Britain and Germany dismiss US Huawei scare stories
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There is no evidence of spying

It is starting to look like the US has been using its position as the lead spymaster of the West to plant fake scare stories against Huawei.

Germany to extend electric company car tax incentives
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The technology needs to grow

German Finance Minister Olaf Scholz plans to extend tax incentives for electric company cars the government’s latest attempt to boost demand for clean vehicles.

Germany looks at Google tax
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Friday, 15 February 2019 11:45

Germany looks at Google tax

Just for foreigners

Germany’s finance ministry is looking at a 15 percent special tax on online advertising revenue collected by foreign internet companies such as Google or Facebook.

German government wants Huawei 5G
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Friday, 08 February 2019 12:06

German government wants Huawei 5G

Still the cheapest option

The German government wants to avoid excluding products offered by China’s Huawei Technologies in the build-out of the 5G network in Germany.

Merkel sets out condition for Huawei's 5G participation
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This might miff the US

While the US is leaning on its allies to cut all ties to Chinese companies and get Huawei blacklisted from lucrative 5G projects, the Germans appear to be being more pragmatic.

German court throws out Qualcomm's latest patent case against Apple
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Set back for Qualcomm in Mannheim

A patent lawsuit filed by Qualcomm against Apple was thrown out by a German court on Tuesday.