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Scythe Setsugen 2 shows off (updated)

by on29 November 2010


Now let's build the Setsugen 2 on the HD6870. The installation is quite straight forward but fiddly especially when fixing the screws. You can't see the holes where the screws must go in because the scews are going through the back of the card. This is the only problem mounting the Setsugen 2. As usual make sure all chips are clean before strapping the heatsinks with adhesive pads - press them properly and give it an hour before installing the cooler. When you are done, the card should look like this:

Scythe Setsugen 2 on HD6870 without Fan

For our first tests we used the fan that came in the package. The new fan-mounting clips are much easier to use compared to the previous Setsugen. Any 12mm fan will fit. If you decide to use a standard 25mm fan, you need to use cable straps and the card will exceed the two-slot design.

Scythe Setsugen 2 on HD6870

On the backside you see the screws which gave us some headaches. The mouting plate is coated with a thin plastic cover to prevent potential short-circuiting.

Scythe Setsugen 2 on HD6870 backside

Even as two slot design, the card now weights a ton less, because only the GPU plate and the heatpipes are made of cooper, while the rest is made from aluminum. The cooler weights only 435g and even with the heatsinks you should not exceed half a kilogram.

Scythe Setsugen 2 on HD6870 angeled view


The cooler is about 5cm taller than pretty much any graphics card, so make sure your case can fit the cooler.

Scythe Setsugen 2 on HD6870 connectors view

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