Tech prices go up in the US
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Trump weighted tariffs start to bite

President Donald (Prince of Orange) Trump’s tariffs have started to affect the price of tech goods across the pond.

Vatican snuggles up with Silicon Valley
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In god's name make our bronze age moral code relevant

The Roman Catholic church, which has just got used to the idea that the earth goes around the sun, is turning to Silicon Valley to help make its homophobic, misogynistic, contraception hating, protectors of kiddie fiddlers relevant for the 21st century.

Tech will not replace humans – we are not that stupid
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Billionaire Jacky Ma reassures the world

Technology will never replace human beings, insisted self-made billionaire Jacky Ma, in a keynote speech at Alibaba Cloud's Computing Conference in Hangzhou.

People cannot unplug from the machine
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New report into tech addition 

A third of people in an online survey of 17 countries say that they find it difficult to take a break from technology even when they know they should.

Vivo beats competition with under-screen fingerprint scanner
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Thanks to Qualcomm's Fingerprint Sensors technology

While it was rumored that Apple could be the first to bring fingerprint scanning technology that can be placed under a screen, Vivo, a Chinese technology company, showed the first working prototype at the Mobile World Congress Shanghai, which uses Qualcomm's new Fingerprint Sensors technology.

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Golem is a tale about tech

You might be wondering why there's a review about a play in the pages of Fudzilla, but this is a story worth pursuing because it's got a message for all of us involved in the tech industry.

Western tech surrenders to Putin
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We would love to let you look at our secrets

Western technology companies, including Cisco, IBM and SAP, are acceding to demands by Moscow for access to closely guarded product security secrets.

Trump orders clamp down on H-1B workers
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Silicon Valley must prove they can’t hire US workers

After solving the problem of terrorists coming into the US by using an executive order banning Muslims from entering the country from places where he does not have business dealings, Donald (Prince of Orange) Trump is doing something similar to Big Tech.

AMOLED getting second life in China
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Not going away soon

While the big names of smartphones are less interested in AMOLED displays, it appears that the industry will continue to grow.

US asks China to play nice in chip market
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Or we will take our ball back

The US government is asking the Chinese to “play nice” in the chip market after fears that the nation might be getting close to technology spurt which will eclipse the “Land of the Fee”.