Dubai tests out digital licence plates
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Ships with digital screens, GPS and transmitters.

Drivers in Dubai may soon be using digital number plates which have  smart plates with digital screens, GPS and transmitters.

Uber ordered to take its self-driving cars off the road
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Failed to keep people safe

After failing to meet an expectation that it would prioritise public safety as it tested its self-driving technology, Uber has been ordered to take its self-driving cars off Arizona roads.

Uber's self driving car not up to snuff
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Gear is failing to live up to expectations

Uber's self-driving car gear consistantly lived up to expectations before it killed a Tempe pedestrian, according to US reports.

Uber accused of illegal antics
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Things getting worse for the taxi outfit

It is starting to look like my decision never to take an Uber cab because the outfit was "not that nice" was probably the right decision as the outfit faces fresh allegations of illegal activities.

Google abandoned features which gave drivers control
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They were not awake enough

Google’s self-driving car unit Waymo abandoned developing features that required drivers to take control in dangerous situations because drivers tended to nod off when in auto-pilot mode and were not ready to take over.

Nvidia predicts fully autonomous cars in four years
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But forget about the cryptocurrency miners

Nvidia chief executive Jensen Huang said artificial intelligence would enable fully automated cars within four years, but played down a demand for its chips from cryptocurrency miners.

Driverless cars suffer from an energy problem
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Huge brain needs huge power

While driverless cars are supposed to be the next big thing, there is a significant hurdle they have to overcome – power.

Dyson going to build a different electric car
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Ready for 2020 but expensive

British inventor Sir James Dyson is planning to build a “radically different” electric car which will be on sale in 2020.

Qualcomm develops car-to-everything chip
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A step towards auto autos  

Qualcomm has introduced a new Cellular Vehicle-to-Everything (C-V2X) chipset and reference design that aims to bring automakers one step closer to deploying the communications systems necessary for fully autonomous vehicles.

Apple defends itself against claims that it is responsible for fanboy car crashes
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Fanboys claim Apple should have protected them

Apple fanboys have taken Jobs’ Mob to court for not doing enough to protect them while driving.