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Nagra charges $720 for $32 battery

by on23 February 2016

You get what you pay for

Swiss outfit Nagra has been caught charging $720 to replace a battery in its Nagra VI–an 8-channel digital recorder.

Nagra specialising in high-end solid-state audio equipment. The Nagra VI–an 8-channel digital recorder complete with a replaceable battery pack.

According to rededit when a user had to replace the battery pack in his Nagra VI because the original stopped working he gave the broken battery pack to a mate to take it apart.The mate wanted a look because if the replacement battery cost $720 so the internals must be packed full of high-quality batteries and circuitry.

However in this tear down video the most expensive rechargeable battery pack you can purchase is mostly foam and the batteries used are cheap Sanyo units with a price totalling $32. To make matters worse only two of the six batteries didn’t work so the battery pack could have been fixed for just $10.

Last modified on 23 February 2016
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