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Musk flooding your Twitter feed was deliberate

by on15 February 2023

Engineers worked out a way to shut their boss up 

Elon [look at me] Musk's invasion of users Twitter feeds was a deliberate move by engineers to get their boss to shut up, according to some new reports.

For those who came in late, users were flooded with posts made by the Supreme Twit himself last week.  Musk denied it was just a move to get attention, and that it was a fault in the code.

Now, a report by Platformer reveals that the tweet flood was rather collateral damage than a glitch. As per the report, a team of around 80 Twitter engineers was assembled and its task was to figure out the reason behind the CEO's decreasing Twitter reach.

Apparently, Musk could not accept the obvious answer that people have blocked or muted him in recent months after he had become as popular as the Boston Strangler. After all, he had been in the limelight ever since the $44 billion takeover and he was loved by everyone who gazed upon him.

So the engineers did what all techies do when they have a manager who needs to be shut up quickly and changed the code to artificially boost Musk's tweets by a factor of 1,000. The code changes (internally known as "power user multiplier") also allowed his tweets to dodge Twitter's filters responsible for showing users the best content possible and filters that stopped a single account from flooding the For You feed. 

As far as the engineers were concerned the problem had been sorted -- Musk's ego had been appeased and they could all go to the pub hoping that no one had noticed. 

Platformer said the artificial boost is still in place although its factor has been toned down to less than 1,000. A couple of tweets Musk made on Tuesday attracted around 50 million views. An internal estimate shows his tweets appear in front of around 90 per cent of his followers.


Last modified on 15 February 2023
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