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Tim Cook tries to whip the Apple press to push AR and VR

by on04 April 2023

Even if his company’s forthcoming project more doomed than the Titanic

Apple supremo Tim Cook is trying to encourage positive stories about his outfit’s AR and VR gear before its launch on 5 June.

Cook has always been enthusiastic about AR and VR even as interest in similar products from other companies started to wane (Occulus anyone?) . He also championed the tech even as his own staff warned him that it would be too expensive to be a realistic market device.

Even the Verge refers to Cook as “banging a drum that AR is more important than VR and that AR is fundamentally about bringing people together… and he's still at it."

Cook had a go at convincing GQ's Zach Baron that Apple’s augmented reality product was viable after all a fashion mag is an obvious place to go when you can’t convince your normally tame technology writers to agree with you..

Cook told Baron that he's interested in collaboration; he said something about measuring glass walls and his thinking on glasses-as-gadget has changed over the years.

Cook explained that it had taken so long for the headset to come out was because he was not interested in putting together pieces of somebody else's stuff.

"We want to control the primary technology. Because we know that's how you innovate."

Based on what Cook was saying, he wants to set up AR specs with a locked walled garden which Apple controls similar to the iPhone. The only difference is that Apple must overcome a hurdle that its product is too heavy, uncomfortable and expensive.


Last modified on 04 April 2023
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