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Tesla 3 in Europe starts at €59,280

by on07 January 2019

Deliveries in March

Tesla 3's alleged $35.000 car is available for left hand drivingin  Europe and in Austria it starts at €59,280 or almost double the Elon’s distortion reality promised price.

European prices include 19 to 25 percent of VAT tax, depending on the country, and with a quick conversion the cheapest Tesla 3 in Austria ends up at $67,825.69 with delivery promised in March.

According to the WLTP (Worldwide harmonized light vehicles test procedure) standard, the Tesla 3 with a dual motor has a range of 560 km with ta op speed of 233 km/h and it takes 4.8 seconds to get from 0 to 100 KM/h.

The performance model ends up costing €70,080 where the range slightly drops to 530 km with top speed of 250 km/h and it takes 3.5 seconds from 0 to 100 km/h.


Any other color than black will set you back an additional €1,600 and if you want a black and white environment you need to add an additional €1,050.

If you want the proper autopilot, Elon’s boys want an additional €5,300 Euro. Buying a Tesla 3 without it should not be something that anyone should contemplate. With the better autopilot, entry level Tesla 3 without any additional options ends up costing €65,630,  definitely more than double the amount Elon advertised.

Bear in mind that the Tesla 3 only has one centrally placed tablet that replaces the tachometer and literally everything else. We had a chance to see and drive one, and it is way too oversimplified with potential hazardous placement of the tablet where one needs to take your eyes off the road just to see how fast you are travelling.

The pricing must be a big blow to everyone who expected a €35,000 priced Tesla 3 and it looks like ordinary people, where the majority ofthe  car market is, will have to wait for someone other than Tesla to give them a decent electric car in the €30,000 range.

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