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Analyst claims Apple will sell 102 million iPads

by on01 November 2012


In 2013

That Apple could flog a dead horse with just them ordinary retinas to its followers is no secret, but latest analyst reports claim the fruit themed master of all things shiny and overpriced will rake in some serious dough on tablets and phones.

Canaccord Genuity’s analyst Michael Walkley apparently thinks Apple will flog 101.6 million iPads in 2013. Furthermore, he thinks the company will also sell 194 million iPhones.

In comparison, Walkley claims Amazon will sell 10.7 million tablets in the same year, while Apple’s bitter rival Samsung will sell 8.4 million. Additionally, Samsung is expected to sell 303.6 million handsets in 2013.

Interestingly enough, adding up the iPhone figures with those of Samsung, the two will control more than half of the smartphone market. Yes, that’s on top of the higher than 100 percent operating profits the two managed for two quarters in a row.

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Last modified on 01 November 2012
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