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Tame Apple Press claims iPhone 14 will make users look prettier

by on22 April 2022

Good luck with that

The Tame Apple Press claims that Apple’s coming iPhone 14 will come with photography enhancements which will make them look prettier.

Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo said that while the iPhone 13 camera is fixed focus with an aperture of f/2.2, the iPhone 14 models "would likely upgrade to" autofocus and a f/1.9 aperture.

The funny thing is that the Tame Apple Press is creaming its drawers about how at last the iPhone will make them look better. The only problem is that autofocus will pick out every wart, spot and leftover breakfast on their face and the wider aperture f/1.9 aperture will not make selfies better.

The Tame Apple Press seems to believe that the lower aperture figure means that you let more light into the picture and the lower the number the better the results in low light. While that is sort of true, it kills off the depth of field and makes the background and some of the foreground blurry. While taking pictures of Apple fanboys you might want the picture as blurry as possible, it will not make them look prettier.

What the Tame Apple Press is trying to gloss over is that Apple’s front face selfy cameras have been rubbish for a while, presumably because it knows that when Apple fanboys sent their pictures to people clarity is not doing them any favours.

However, nothing on the new spec suggests that things will be much better just more realistic. If you want to make an Apple fanboy prettier you would probably need substantial surgery, perhaps with a blunt object.


Last modified on 22 April 2022
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