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Simply NUC launches new Ruby and Topaz mini PCs
Published in PC Hardware

Ruby powered by AMD Renoir and Topaz powered by Intel Tiger Lake

Simply NUC has announced two new mini PCs, the AMD 4000-series Renoir powered Ruby, and the Intel 11th gen Tiger Lake powered Topaz, both packed in NUC 4x4 Universal Chassis created by Simply NUC, and coming in different SKUs with up to Ryzen R7-4800U or Intel Core i7-1165G7.

Minix launches fanless NEO G41V-4
Published in Mobiles
Monday, 28 October 2019 10:52

Minix launches fanless NEO G41V-4

And upgradable NEO J50C-4 with Pentium J5005

Minix has released two very interesting systems, one fanless with a 6W TDP Celeron and one with a Pentium J5005 both from the Gemini Lake generation, and both now come with 64GB storage out of the box and support M2 SSDs.

Zotac puts Nvidia Quadro in its latest ZBox Q-series mini PCs
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The new QK5P1000, QK7P3000 and QK7P5000 Mini PCs

Zotac has unveiled its new ZBox Q-series of Mini PCs which will feature Intel's 7th generation Core i5/Core i7 CPUs paired up with Nvidia's Pascal-based Quadro P1000, Quadro P3000 or even the Quadro P5000 series graphics cards, capable of providing some serious compute performance.

Zotac unveils Magnus EK and ER series compact PCs
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With GTX 1070 or 1060 graphics cards

Zotac has unveiled its newest Magnus EK and ER series compact PCs that will be powered by a wide range of Intel Core and AMD Ryzen CPUs as well as its  own GTX 1070 or GTX 1060 graphics cards.

Zotac bringing GTX 1080 Mini to CES 2017 show
Published in Graphics
Saturday, 31 December 2016 11:37

Zotac bringing GTX 1080 Mini to CES 2017 show

External Graphics Dock as well

Zotac will be bringing some rather interesting new products to the Consumer Electronics Show 2017, which starts on January 5th, 2017, in Las Vegas. In addition to the Mini PCs equipped with the latest Intel Kaby Lake CPU and Thunderbolt 3 connectivity, Zotac will also show a short SFF-ready GTX 1080 Mini as well as its own external graphics dock.

HP unveils Z2 Mini workstation-class mini PC
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Tuesday, 15 November 2016 21:15

HP unveils Z2 Mini workstation-class mini PC

A small beast with Nvidia Quadro and Intel Xeon

At Autodesk University in Las Vegas, HP showed off its newest Z2 Mini Workstation, a mini-PC that will be powered by Nvidia's Quadro GPU and Intel Xeon E3-1200v5 CPU.

Minix thinks about new stuff
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Friday, 02 September 2016 19:34

Minix thinks about new stuff

With Intel Cherry Trail SoC and Windows 10 OS

Minix has announced its newest mini-PC that should offer premium Windows 10 experience on Intel's Cherry Trail, all packed in a fanless mini-PC chassis, the Minix NEO Z83-4.

ASRock issues Mini-STX board
Published in Transportation
Tuesday, 02 August 2016 14:14

ASRock issues Mini-STX board

Based on Intel’s H110 chipset

ASRock has revealed the first mini-STX motherboard based on Intel's H110 chipset.

Cherry Trail-based Beelink BT3 mini PC reviewed
Published in Reviews

Review: 14nm silicon makes a big difference

A year ago we had a chance to test a couple of Beelink micro PCs, including a stick PC, and we were pleasantly surprised; not only by the performance offered by Intel’s venerable 22nm Bay Trail processors, but by the build quality of these diminutive PCs.

Zotac announces new ZBOX mini PCs based on Braswell SoC
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The ZBOX BI323 and ZBOX CI323 nano

Zotac has announced two new ZBOX mini-PCs, both based on the same 14nm Intel Braswell Celeron N3150 SoC, the ZBOX BI323 and the ZBOX CI323 nano.