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Twitter blocks state-run news from adverstising
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China crises

Twitter is now blocking state-run media outlets from advertising on its platform.

Apple is killing the online advertising business
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It turns out those lock-ins have a knock-on effect

Over the last few years, Apple has quietly killed off the online advertising industry, and in iOS 13, it's kneecapping the digital marketing industry completely.

Google about to flood your phone with adverts
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New mobile advert apps

Google announced a bunch of new ad types today that’ll start showing up throughout its mobile products.

Google fined $1.7 billion for search ad blocks
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Adsense costs Google 1.49 billion euro

Google has been fined 1.49 billion euro by the European Commission which said that the case focused on the company’s illegal practices in search advertising brokering from 2006 to 2016.

Apple advertising shows lack of self-awareness
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Christmas advert implies Apple is caring and sharing open source outfit

With its usual complete disregard for the truth, the fruity cargo cult Apple has pushed a Christmas advert which implies it is open source.

British ISPs banned from massaging broadband speed figures
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You can’t claim speeds that most users don’t get

Broadband firms will no longer be able to advertise broadband speeds based numbers that only a few customers get.

Samsung caught spying on users
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Friday, 09 June 2017 11:43

Samsung caught spying on users

Open Rights Group warning

Samsung has been using technology which can spy on its mobile users.

HTC stuffs up VR
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Monday, 03 April 2017 13:14

HTC stuffs up VR

Let's put adverts into it

HTC has worked out a way of totally stuffing up its VR product and consigning it to the dustbin of history.

Publishers losing battle against adbockers
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Thursday, 02 February 2017 12:34

Publishers losing battle against adbockers

They just dont get what users want 

Publishers are losing the battle against adblockers because they don’t seem to get that people don’t want their screens blocked with annoying adverts and videos that turn themselves on and blast load sales pitches at them.

PCs can do more than Macs
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Tuesday, 01 March 2016 11:15

PCs can do more than Macs

Advertising war begins

Microsoft has started an advertising campaign which aims to prove that PCs can do much more than Macs.