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Point of View/TGT GTX 680 4GB Beast Watercooled reviewed

by on24 August 2012


The water block used by PoV/TGT is made by Aqua Computer and can be purchased separately. The block comes with a laser etched TGT Tuning logo. The block covers the GPU, memory and low profile power components.


The card is 255mm long, just like the reference card. However, it’s taller than the reference solution due to water block connectors. The card is 134mm tall ant the highest point and weighs in at 1155g (1575g gross weight).


The card comes with two barbs for 10mmx8mm hosing. It is powered via one 8-pin and one 6-pin power connectors. Point of View / TGT used five phase PWM design, one phase more than on the reference card.


Aqua Computer’s block packs a nice punch, mostly due to the specific design of the part above the GPU. This critical area, where water picks up the heat from the GPU, was designed with maximum dissipation in mind and, as you can see, is not flat.



The memory on the back of the PCB is bared and the card has 16 memory modules. The memory chips come from Hynix (model No: H5GQ2H24MFR-R0C) and are rated at 1500MHz (6000MHz GDDR5 effectively).



The card has two SLI connectors, which means Quad GPU is possible.

The I/O panel is identical to those we’ve seen on air-cooled PoV/TGT GTX 680 cards. There are two dual-link DVIs and standard HDMI and DisplayPort outs. Nvidia made sure not to lag behind the competition so Kepler based cards can run up to four displays simultaneously.


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