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Point of View/TGT GTX 680 4GB Beast Watercooled reviewed

by on24 August 2012


Temperatures idle

We decided to make use of the summer heat in Austria for our testing. This morning, the temperature was at 29°C but the forecast said it will go up to 35°C during the day. Well, not particularly comfortable, but it’s definitely a great chance to sweat our GTX 680 Beast Watercooled SLI system.

In idle mode and at 29°C room temperature, the GPUs ran at 29°C as well. It’s clear that watercooling temperatures can’t be lower than the room ones, but the good thing is that they’re not above either.

1  sli idle

Temperatures load

After 45 minutes of playing Crysis 2 at 2560x1600 with all the effects on and with room temperature at 31°C, GPU temperatures climbed up to about 50°C. This is a great result for a card with such a high overclock, even before considering the difficult testing conditions. So, when it comes to reliability, this SLI setup definitely has what it takes.

2  sli load
SLI load temperature

Testing a single GTX 680 4GB Watercooled graphics card resulted in about 44°C.

1  single load
Single card load temperaure

Power Consumption


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