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Frost Canyon NUC NUC10i7FNH impresses

by on06 May 2020




The NUC NUC10i7FNHAA Frost Canyon powered by Core i7 10710U will be excellent for any home office. Content creators, writers, email junkies, photographers, copywriters, Excel spreadsheet killers, portfolio managers, video 4K editors, animation, and music professionals will be able to enjoy the power of this small package machine.

The machine will run better than most laptops available today, and you get to chose the size of your monitor. Through my career, I realized that the monitor is the real limiting factor of productivity.

If you are still struggling with an underpowered notebook or ancient desktop, the NUC10i7FNHAA would be perfect for boosting your productivity in a home office. There is a choice of Core i7 (six-core), Core i5 (quad-core), and Core i3 (dual-core) machines or barebones, with different storage configuration and pricing.

This is powerful computing that fits the palm of your hand and takes little space on your desk. It is also very transportable for people on the move. In case you are moving between two locations, this is a very transportable solution, provided you have an additional monitor or TV setup at both locations.


The Frost Canyon NUC is a great machine for anyone who likes to have a PC in the living room. It won't be the most affordable solution around, but it will run faster than anything that comes to mind. At the same time, it is still quiet. It even comes with an infrared receiver. Kodi will run like you've never seen it run before.

It is hard not to recommend this machine to anyone who wants performance and wants to pay a pretty penny for it. The price of around $1,000 at press time is reasonable, and do it yourself lovers can get the barebone version and pack it with hardware and make it even faster.

The NUC10i7FNHAA is a small, extremely powerful machine that will leave the average laptop sitting in the dust. Frost Canyon NUC targets fans of a small and powerful category, and it is an absolute must.


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Last modified on 04 June 2020
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