SanDisk Extreme SSDs wiping data
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And there does not seem to be a fix

Some SanDisk Extreme SSDs are wiping people's data and there does not appear to be a fix yet.

16 TB SSDs for $100 too good to be true
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Yeah, it is too good to be true

Amazon has been having problems with partners who insist on “supplying” well reviewed 16 TB SSDs on its site for just $100.

Sandisk stuffs 400GB into a microSD
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Largest microSD card  on the market

SanDisk has managed to cram 400GB into a microSD card, making it the largest microSD card on the market.

Sandisk pushes the envelope with 1TB SD card
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Still no precise performance details

Sandisk has further pushed  SD card storage limits by announcing its new and the world's largest capacity SD card, the new Sandisk Extreme Pro 1TB.

Western Digital faces shareholder revolt over SanDisk
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It costs too much

Western Digital is facing a shareholder revolt over its deal to buy SanDisk.

Western Digital really buys SanDisk for $19 billion
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Told you so

As we predicted on Monday, Western Digital has formally announced it is going to write a cheque for SanDisk for $19 billion

SanDisk about to be bought by Western Digital
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More consolidation

It is almost certain that Western Digital will buy the memory-maker SanDisk and we are expecting an announcement later in the week.

HP and SanDisk work on new Storage Class Memory
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What do you get if you cross a memristor and a ReRam?

The maker of expensive printer ink, HP and SanDisk want to create new technology for Storage Class Memory (SCM) which combines the best of memristor and ReRAM.

Samsung thumps Intel in SSD battle
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Catfight on SSDs makes Intel howl

Samsung ruled the global solid state drive (SSD) market last year with a market share double that of its main rival Intel.

SanDisk in damage control mode
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Revenue falls

SanDisk went into damage control mode after predicting a steeper-than-expected fall in full-year revenue.