Microsoft’s Cloud gets bigger and thrusting everywhere
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Azure not suffering from coronavirus blues

Software king of the world Microsoft said that its Azure Cloud has been growing like topsy since the coronavirus forced millions of people to work from home.

EMEA enterprises see hybrid cloud as “Ideal” IT Model
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But it is taking longer than expected

Companies in Europe, the Middle East and Africa continue to view hybrid cloud as their “ideal” IT model, according to a new report.

Microsoft's cloud continues to coin in cash
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$33.1 billion in revenue

Microsoft reported $33.1 billion in revenue for its fiscal 2020 first quarter, representing a 14 percent increase over the same period last year, and profits of $10.7 billion, up 21 per cent.

Amazon cloud users hit by moving charges
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Bill shock

It would appear that companies are racking up high bills for using cloud service and it appears that the cost of shifting data from one cloud provider's servers to another provider, or to a company's own data centre is costing shedloads.

Complexity could derail cloud
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Microservices network and app management technologies needed

The cloud's complex infrastructure is derailing application platforms and cloud-native services market and there is a need for microservices network and app management technologies.

Watson will work on rival clouds
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IBM seeks to win over more AI customers

Big Blue has said that some of its Watson artificial intelligence services will work on rival cloud computing providers.

iPhone cloud hacking not that tricky
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We always use our friend Stanley

Hackers do not seem to have any difficulty hacking into users iCloud accounts.

Hole found in Kubernetes’ cloud
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Seen over Blackburn, Lancashire

The first security hole has been found in the open saucy cloud project software Kubernetes.

Cisco and Amazon to help businesses in the clouds
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Big and powerful team up

Networking gear outfit Cisco has teamed up with Amazon Web Services to offer software tools that would make it easier for Cisco’s customers to use Amazon’s data centres.

IBM Power 9 scales to enterprise server
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32 to 192 core for enterprise cloud 

Data and making sense of data is one of the most valuable currencies for the modern enterprise and IBM plays big in that market with its Power 9. Now the company has announced a Power 9 solution for enterprise customers.