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Microsoft pulls patch

by on22 April 2013

Boot problems

Microsoft has withdrawn a patch from its monthly security update, after complaints from Windows 7 users that they could not boot properly any more. 

The 2823324 update released as part of this month's Patch Tuesday fixed a moderate level flaw in Windows 7 and Vista, which required an attacker to have access to the PC, but caused problems for users. Windows 7 users installing the update saw error messages on rebooting, with a recommendation to run chkdsk.

Others had a blue screen of death or a recommendation to boot from the system disk. The problems started being reported in Brazil on machines running 64-bit processors. Writing in its bog, Microsoft said that as a precaution, we stopped pushing 2823324 as an update when we began investigating the error reports, it has since been removed from the download centre.

There were additional user reports that the update conflicted with machines running Kaspersky's Antivirus. Kaspersky ran its own investigation and noted that the patch would either disable customers’ antivirus protection or run chkdsk automatically on start. Kaspersky warned its customers to uninstall the patch and issued its own fix.

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