Simply NUC launches new Ruby and Topaz mini PCs
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Ruby powered by AMD Renoir and Topaz powered by Intel Tiger Lake

Simply NUC has announced two new mini PCs, the AMD 4000-series Renoir powered Ruby, and the Intel 11th gen Tiger Lake powered Topaz, both packed in NUC 4x4 Universal Chassis created by Simply NUC, and coming in different SKUs with up to Ryzen R7-4800U or Intel Core i7-1165G7.

Tiger Lake Xe GPU beats 4800U Renoir by 67.5 percent in Warcraft
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Beat Geforce MX350 by 26 percent

An interesting development and a story has resurfaced as we have the performance results of three notebooks featuring Tiger Lake CPU with Integrated Xe, Gen 10 Core i7 with MX 350, and Ryzen 7 4800U Renoir.

Intel 11th gen Core Tiger Lake gets a first teaser video
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Shows some features and Intel Iris Xe and Core logos

Promotional videos for Intel's upcoming 11th Gen Core Tiger Lake CPUs have gone online, showing some features as well as new logos for the CPU, Iris Xe discrete DG1 and Xe Gen 12 iGPU, and EVO Powered by Core logos.

GPU Xe LP die size with 96 EU similar to Ice Lake
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Intel senior graphics fellow confirms

One of the great advantages of taking part at the virtual architecture day at Intel is the chance to chat with the speakers and learn a tad more. David Blythe, a senior fellow graphics architect behind the Xe LP design, as well as Gen 11 GPU, has shared a few interesting details about Xe LP.

Xe HPG is Intel’s high end for 2021
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Friday, 14 August 2020 13:41

Xe HPG is Intel’s high end for 2021

Hardware Ray tracing

Xe LP is a 96 EU GPU inside of Tiger Lake, and it will be the first time Intel gets to decent clock speeds at least at 1.7GHz in the notebook form factor. It is a new architecture that is the part for DG1 and SG1 desktop and server cards. Now Raja Koduri, Intel’s chief architect, announced Xe HPG high-end card for 2021.

Intel Technology Day - all announcements made
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SuperFin 10nm, high-end Xe graphics, new Core, Tiger lake, and more.

Technology Day online can work, and it did work well for Intel. Intel engineering team lead by Chief Architect Raja Koduri and Intel fellows have shown us an incredible amount of news wrapped around six pillars of technology innovation.

Intel's Raja Koduri teases Xe Ponte Vecchio graphics chips
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Big "fabulous" package (BFP) for chiplets

Intel employee Raja (King) Koduri has tickled our fancy with a tease previously pre-announced as Ponte Vecchio, Xe-HPC line of chips that will take a chiplet approach, and offer smaller and larger designs.

Intel's Tiger Lake notebook runs Battlefield V at 1080p over 30 FPS
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Coming later this year

Intel has showcased its Tiger Lake notebook prototype running Battlefield V game at 1080p with over 30 frames per second, which is a pretty nice feat for an integrated Xe graphics.

AMD and Nvidia have little to fear from Intel's DG1
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No great shakes after all

Intel's crack at a discrete GPU Xe DG1 graphics card has been spotted in a 3DMark benchmark and scored 5,538 in 3DMark’s Fire Strike test (paired with an Intel Core i9-9900K processor) and hit a graphics score of 5,960.

Tiger Lake may start at 3GHz
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Wednesday, 08 April 2020 09:41

Tiger Lake may start at 3GHz

New X3 graphics beats Ryzen 7 4800U

Intel launched its 10th generation Core architecture on May 27, 2019, at Computex last year, and it is most likely aiming to launch a Tiger Lake successor in a similar time frame. Ice Lake U will get replaced by Tiger Lake U, and the first leaks suggest a base clock of 3GHz.