Microsoft spills the beans on Xbox GPU
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AMD RDNA 2 architecture

Software king of the world Microsoft has been on the Interwebs talking about the gubbins inside its new Xbox Series X, and what interested us was its GPU.

Microsoft culls its Xbox One X and Xbox One S All-Digital Edition
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Joy of X

Microsoft is officially halting the production of its Xbox One X and Xbox One S All-Digital Edition consoles as the outfit moves to its Xbox Series X.

Microsoft schedules its Xbox Games Showcase for July 23rd
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Focus on first-party content

Microsoft has officially announced its Xbox Games Showcase that will be streamed live on Youtube and Twitch on July 23rd at 9AM PT, and we expect much more than what we saw in May.

Xbox creator starts legal fight with Atari
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You owe me cash

Xbox co-creator Rob Wyatt has filed a lawsuit against Atari for failing to pay him for the design work he did in creating the Atari VCS console.

Call of Duty hits 60.5 million sales
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Best PS4 and Xbox titles of the year 

According to data gathered by LeagueOfBetting, the popular first-person shooter game series Call of Duty hit 60.5 million sold units on all-time best-selling PS4 and Xbox titles list at the beginning of this year.

Microsoft shares more Xbox Series X console details
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12 TFLOPs from AMD RDNA 2 GPU and custom AMD Zen 2-based CPU

Microsoft has revealed a few more details about its new Xbox Series X gaming console, including details about the GPU, CPU, new features, and backward compatibility.

Microsoft’s new Xbox will not ship with reason to buy
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Xbox Series X will not have true first-party exclusives

Software King of the World Microsoft has decided that its new Xbox, the Xbox Series X, will launch without true first-party exclusives – which some in the industry think is going to kill the console stone dead.

Microsoft gives a few more Xbox Series X details
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Zen 2 CPU and next-gen RDNA GPU

After the initial world premiere of the Xbox Series X, a new console that looks a lot like an SFF PC or an HTPC, Microsoft has released a blog post which talks a bit more about the power and the hardware behind it.

Microsoft still working on a  diskless Scarlett
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Frankly, my dear, I am not sure users will give a damn

Software King of the World, Microsoft is still working on a low-cost diskless version of its new Xbox code-named Lockhart.

Intel hires chief architect of Xbox One
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Scorpio, and Scarlett SoCs

Our knowledgeable sources have whispered that Intel has hired John Sell, a chap who was the chief architect of Xbox One, Scorpio, and Scarlett SoCs. John joined as an Intel Fellow to work on security.