It's the death of the cookie monster
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Most marketers don't consider them reliable.

More than 60 per cent  of marketers believe they will no longer need to rely on tracking cookies and it looks like a 20 year old desktop based technology is about to die out.

Robots are plagued with vulnerabilities
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Companies tell world “go stick your head in a pig”

Robots are shipping with shedloads of vulnerabilities that no one seems to care much about.

LG plans big G5 marketing push
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Does not want to lose on this one

If you haven't heard about LG's new G5 smartphone, chances are you are going to hear about it a lot over the coming months.

One Plus two invitation farce continues
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We are so cool you cannot buy us

The One Plus the company behind One Plus One phone managed to get a lot of attention with its One Plus One phone.

Microsoft leaks its last box design
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People still buy software in boxes apparently

Software King of the World Microsoft has leaked details of its packaging for Windows 10. 


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Red fighter can shoot it down


We purchased one last week